Pre-Roll Joints

Feel like life is always on the go? Don’t worry, CannabudPost has got you covered. Enjoy 5 joints that we have already pre-rolled for you. All you need is a lighter!


Pre Roll Joints

Just as the name suggests, these cannabis joints come already pre-rolled. They’re also called Pre-rolls. The vendor or maker of the joint usually fills the joint with some cannabis plant or dried cannabis flowers. Some other pre-roll joints have shaken fillings-popcorns of grade A or B.

At first, these joints were made with leftover cannabis plants that would otherwise go to waste. Now, they come with freshly selected strains that users can enjoy. Pre-roll joints are also very convenient to use. You can as well save all the time that you’ll spend making a perfect blunt.

There are several selections of pre-rolls, and they vary according to strain flavors, potency, weight, etc. Users can easily choose what they want their joints to look like. They can also be coated in wax, shatter, kief, etc. Pre-rolls can also be easily stored in a cool container without humidity or light.


Pre-roll joints come in different sizes and strains. The composition and grading usually depend on the choice of the manufacturer. A classic doobie contains about 0.5 to 1.5 grams of cannabis content. It is generally mid-sized, so you can smoke it in one go. King-sized joints are pretty more significant and contain more than 2 grams of content. They’re made with thicker, large paper. The filters are also really thick to provide traction and give a heavy hit. You can’t really tell what’s in the roll by mere appearance. But on the joint, you’ll find a label showing what strain the roll contains.

There are also some monstrously large joints specially made into cannabis cigars. They are commonly called Cannagars. They contain more than 8 grams of the best bloom rolled with tall fan-like cannabis leaves. They’re usually specially made for a group of people to share.


Pre-rolled joints are usually made with traditional rolling papers. They look pretty bland and also smell the same. When the joint is unlit, it doesn’t really have any noticeable scent. However, when the joint is lit, the aroma comes out from whatever strain of marijuana in common.


Pre-roll joints vary in flavor too. It mainly depends on the content of the joint. Some rolls are made into spliffs and contain marijuana mixed with tobacco. Some are made with pure cannabis. You can expect to get the same flavor you’ll get when you make your own rolls.

Common Usage

There are several benefits of using pre-rolls. Some cannabis users don’t know how to roll their own joints, which comes in handy. It’s quite convenient, especially since it’s so easy to use and carry about. It also allows users to quickly identify the potency and strains of cannabis products. Many consumers use pre-rolls to explore different buds and pieces. Medical dispensaries also sell pre-rolls to marijuana patients who can’t make their own joints. Pre-roll joints are trendy among new cannabis users. They can also be used for both medical and recreational purposes alike.


There aren’t really many adverse effects of using pre-roll joints. The only major letdown is that you’re not 100% sure what’s in the roll. However, when you get from reputable vendors, you don’t have to worry.

5 reviews for Pre-Roll Joints

  1. hannah2002smith (verified owner)

    these joints are amazing! purchased 10 of em and enjoyed every single one. just ordered 15 more too. loveee cannabud post.

  2. hannah2002smith (verified owner)

    Ordered these so many times now, and I love it! Such a great deal for the 5 joints you receive. Not to mention they are beautifully rolled! ♡♡♡

  3. kayemelindy (verified owner)

    The cannabis in the prerolls were amazing!!! But I only ordered 5 to try and they came jn a smooshed bag and were extremely warped from being in a loose bag amongst the rest of the order. 2 of 5 were so smooshed and twisted I’m surprised they didn’t break tbh.

    Def 5/5 for the smoke but 2/5 for shipping in a loose bag where it could be compromised

  4. hannah2002smith (verified owner)

    Favorite pre roll deal! Have repurchased 3 or 4 times and will continue as they are great for on the go!

  5. reginajohn136 (verified owner)

    Great add-on to an order. These are a great deal, especially for those looking for a smoke before bed or something to grab quickly and go. I believe mine were all indica, but that was ideal as they were used before bedtime mainly.

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