Black Nuken (AAA+)

Phenotype: Hybrid
Grade: AAA+
Flavor: floral, pine, and herbal
Effects: relaxed, euphoric, happy
Medicinal properties: Can treat appetite loss, chronic pain, depression, insomnia and stress



Mystery Flower Add-On

Black Nuken is one of our top picks this month for many reasons, but its exceptional taste and aroma first come to mind. An indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain, Black Nuken’s genetics created by crossing Black Ice with Duke Nukem.

Black Nuken Strain Effects and Strain Information

Although Black Nuken is more indica than sativa, most users say that this strain delivers a well-rounded high. A moderate body buzz sets in quickly after the first few tokes. While potent, the buzz isn’t overwhelming and debilitating in any way. Due to its balanced effects, Black Nuken can be smoked at all hours throughout the day. Some customers also experience a slight boost in creative energy, probably from the sativa effects of Black Nuken.

Black Nuken gets its name from its dark purple hues. Some buds have such purple tones that they look nearly “black.” With interesting colors often come diverse terpenes. Black Nuken is high in myrcene (herbal) and pinene, and low in caryophyllene (the peppery taste in weed).

Potential Medicinal Effects:

Black Nuken is a fitting strain for morning and night. Users who would benefit most from this weed suffer from:

•  Stress

•  Depression

•  Pain

•  Fatigue

•  Insomnia

As a hybrid strain, most people use this medicine to help with going about their day. Whether you have to attend a social gathering, or kill some time with your favourite Netflix movie, Black Nuken is a good weed to keep you company. Besides being a great mood booster, Black Nuken is a worthwhile purchase just for its tasty terpenes and exotic looks!


3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams

4 reviews for Black Nuken (AAA+)

  1. Karen From Barry

    Really enhanced Nuken smell, probably the most sticky Nuken I’ve ever had. Been keeping my eyes open for a re-stock of this product and it’s finally here :]

  2. gordon_jeffrey

    Looked nice, and exceeded my hopes and expectations. One of the more pleasant piney strains I’ve tried in a while.

  3. ben_sk8_006

    I typically don’t really enjoy Nuken, just not my strain. But gave this one a chance and wow, the smell is almost fruity and it tastes amazing. Would order this again if I had the chance.

  4. ConciousGrows420

    If you love Nuken, you will instantly recognize the smell. You can’t beat the price for what the product offers. If you have a good tolerance it still hits nicely. Appreciate the cultivation on this batch.. great nose awesome cure white ash and most of all awesome high!.

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