Bubba Kush Ounce Steal

Phenotype: Indica
Grade: AA+
THC/CBD Content: 19-23%/ <0.1%
Flavor: earthy, sweet, pungent
Effects: relaxed, sleepy, happy
Nug size: SMALL-MID
Medicinal properties: Can treat stress, pain, insomnia, depression, and lack of appetite

New Batch: Mar 1 2021




28 Grams

4 reviews for Bubba Kush Ounce Steal

  1. biglumberart (verified owner)

    This is an absolute steal at this price! Easily underated at AA+ The buds were actually quite large, sticky with a lot of kief. Overall extremely satisfied with first purchase, definitely ordering this again.

  2. Trex

    Medium to large size buds. Quite dense, Has that classic gassy bubba taste. Great value would order agian.

  3. 011687 (verified owner)

    Great deal for the price. Nice sticky buds, great smell, and clean smoke definitely recommend!

  4. hannah2002smith (verified owner)

    Definitely think this strain should be AAA and not AA+. This strain is super enjoyable to smoke and the high is super enjoyable. The come down isn’t horrible like alot of syrains you can purchase, however I really do think this ounce at 69$ is amazing! It’s a steal at that. Highly recommend for the price!

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