Ounce Steal - Black Widow ($185 FOR 3 OUNCES)


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23 reviews for Ounce Steal – Black Widow ($185 FOR 3 OUNCES)

  1. biglumberart (verified owner)

    This is an absolute steal at this price! Easily underated at AA+ The buds were actually quite large, sticky with a lot of kief. Overall extremely satisfied with first purchase, definitely ordering this again.

  2. Trex

    Medium to large size buds. Quite dense, Has that classic gassy bubba taste. Great value would order agian.

  3. 011687 (verified owner)

    Great deal for the price. Nice sticky buds, great smell, and clean smoke definitely recommend!

  4. hannah2002smith (verified owner)

    Definitely think this strain should be AAA and not AA+. This strain is super enjoyable to smoke and the high is super enjoyable. The come down isn’t horrible like alot of syrains you can purchase, however I really do think this ounce at 69$ is amazing! It’s a steal at that. Highly recommend for the price!

  5. hannah2002smith (verified owner)

    Another order if this. Not 5oo bad especially for pricr

  6. kayemelindy (verified owner)

    Nice buds, smooth smoke, good price. Nice mellow day time smoke. Would have given it 5 stars but there was an unnecessary amount of stem in the bag which caused a nice chunk of weight loss gone in something I can’t smoke haha

  7. Ryan

    Not sure what the other guy is on about, this smokes great, has a nice high and I have no complaints especially at this price point!

  8. Jovan647

    Bubba kush was definitely better than sour amnesia. That said the sour amnesia is a lot better if you let it dry out a bit. At $70 an ounce it’s a steal haha

  9. Eljo Gloria

    4 stars is justified. At $99 you can get much better stuff, but at $74, not sure why anyone is expecting a solid strain.

  10. scubasam (verified owner)

    The description says it all, it’s kinda harsh to smoke in joint, but it’s perfect for my bong and the buds are bigger, stickier and there’s more kief than I expected for AA and what I’m used to. Loved it!

  11. bryan45 (verified owner)

    Ok for the price. Nice buds, decent taste. Burns a bit slow in a joint with black ash.

  12. Lahey (verified owner)

    Black Widow was a nice, aesthetically pleasing bud for an amazing price. $210 for a QP is insane. My only regret is not ordering more (only got 2oz)…

  13. bryan45 (verified owner)

    Smoked nice. Fairly smooth with a decent kick. Great for the price!

  14. Patrick Kelly (verified owner)

    For 2.50 a gram this is outstanding. The buds are covered in crystals nice smell and the high is very nice good evening strain. This is my first order and I’m impressed look forward to trying some of the aaa and aaaa strains.

  15. n.a.c.wilson (verified owner)

    Great deal at this price. Other than some loose bud structure this is a pretty solid aa+.

  16. goadam (verified owner)

    Excellent strain! Amazing high, with the munchies.

  17. Ethan Shulman (verified owner)

    Best quality to price ratio I’ve ever seen.

  18. Kai Steeves (verified owner)

    I love this strain (Black Widow). I mostly use it to make tincture, and it is great. Helps with pain, lack of appetite, and PTSD. And the price definitely is awesome.

  19. jmkcanadianeh (verified owner)

    Ordered on friday in my hands on monday. This was my first time buying and without a doubt the BEST non sketchy refer deal I’ve ever done. Black Widow is as advertised other than the grade should be AAA+ buds are very large N beautful pairs well with a Timmies! Thank you! CANNABUDPOST

  20. jmkcanadianeh (verified owner)

    Still can’t beleave this deal, you can’t go wrong! Getting this again and can’t wait to try more strains.

    WOW! Love Black Widow even more than the price. Don’t pass it up!

    This strain is the best for an all day blaze!

  21. jmkcanadianeh (verified owner)

    This new batch is WOW!

  22. Jason Quinney (verified owner)

    Nice large buds, great for the price. I will buy again.

  23. lethial (verified owner)

    Great bang for the buck. Very impressed!

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