Chef's Treats - Cola Lego Gummies - 100 MG THC

Each pack comes with 1 lego block of THC gummy, containing:

•  100 MG of THC

Please note: as the weather gets hotter, your edible products may deform during transit due to the heat.



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Mystery Flower Add-On

Buy Chef’s Treats Signature THC Lego Gummies

Each pack of Chef’s Treats Premium Cannabis edibles comes with 1 piece of his signature lego block gummy (containing 100 MG THC). As the gummies are made using high grade delta 9 distillate, you won’t get the full spectrum effect as you would be FSE cannabis extracted edibles.

Each lego block is accurately dosed with 100 MG of THC, and the structure of the candy makes it easy for you to divide the piece however you like based on how much THC you wish to ingest.

The professionals at Chef’s Treats proudly produces each batch in small quantities so they can perfect their accuracy and quality control. You won’t have to worry about inconsistent dosing and strength when you buy edibles online medical grade THC and CBD products from Chef’s Treats.


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