Blue Comatose (AAAA)

Phenotype: Indica
THC/CBD Content: 22 to 25%/<1%
Flavor: Earthy, sweet, tropical
Effects: Relaxed, euphoric, sleepy
Medicinal properties: Can treat pain, insomnia, stress, depression and inflammation

Batch Date: Apr 20 2021



Mystery Flower Add-On

Comatose is a potent indica made by crossing the legendary OG kush with another unknown indica dominant hybrid strain. Blue Comatose has a high THC level, which makes it the perfect strain for night time use. Smokers can expect a mellow buzz with more of a body stone than a cerebral one. Some heavy users have also reported using this strain for daytime use.

Comatose weed buds are small and tight. Many people notice a strong citrus scent upon opening the package. This kush is great for treating insomnia, PTSD, social anxiety, anxiety, ADHD and inflammation.



3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams

1 review for Blue Comatose (AAAA)

  1. DB

    This was my first purchase from cannabudpost. I was happily surprised by how easy it was to shop and how quickly I received my order. I have been intolerant to THC the past four months. I tried the Comatose the night I received it. I vaped it and took one puff. I waited five minutes and then took one more puff. BAM hit me hard. I had to stay on the sofa as I wasn’t able to walk. I felt great and relaxed. I had an excellent sleep that night. I use THC for medicinal reasons and this strain did the job for me. I highly recommend this company and their products. I will be ordering more Comatose. db

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