Double Black Cookie (AAA) Living Soil Organic


Recycled organic living soil (ROLS) means growing cannabis just how nature intended. By constantly adding organic materials to the soil, the nutrient flow becomes more cyclic rather than linear. The saying, “your weed is only as good as your soil,” really holds weight in this case.



Mystery Flower Add-On


Double Black Cookie fun fact: it’s one of the few strains available on the market that is effective for patients with Crohn’s Disease. Both rare and mysterious, this strain is well respected among medical cannabis connoisseurs. It does it all, helping you relax, deal with pain, and improving your mood. 

As mentioned above, Double Black Cookie is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain with varying THC levels depending on which dispensary in BC that you get it from. Some labs report THC levels as low as 15% while others report THC levels as high as 26%. 

This cannabis strain is particularly attractive because it has a taste that is appealing to most people. True to its namesake, Double Black Cookie tastes like candy, with some vanilla and berry undertones. 

You can easily identify this type of weed by its bright orange pistils and glittering trichomes. 

Double Black Chocolate Effects and Strain Information

Users note the high that comes from this potent cannabis strain is quick and fast-acting for stress relief. Whether you’ve had a long stressful day or just looking to relax, this strain can help you. It does provide a body high, which users say help provide a calming, body sensation. 

Some users report experiencing a significant case of couch-lock if they’re not careful. This strain of pot offers a calming effect with a lighter-than-average cerebral high. Common effects of this strain of marijuana include euphoria, deep physical relaxation, happiness and more. 

Potential Medicinal Effects:

Double Black Cookie is geared more toward nighttime use, since its potential medical benefits can help those who have:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Muscle spasms and aches
  • Insomnia

Since it provides a happy, euphoric effect, this strain is commonly used to alleviate stress and depression. Providing full body relaxation, it can also help users with chronic pain as well. So if you have a headache or a migraine, try this strain out. 

It’s also important to note that some users report that this weed strain can effectively treat ADHD symptoms.


1 Gram, 2 Grams, 3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams

6 reviews for Double Black Cookie (AAA) Living Soil Organic

  1. Tyler Fleming

    Quite pleased with this bud. Nice sized well trimmed nugs, potent smell and a nice cerebral high. Potency isn’t super strong but after a couple little rips it puts me right where I want to be.

  2. Gwick

    Loved it amazing smell good trim job I would rate a aaa+ more like tho tbh

    Would buy again cheers

  3. moowcow

    Got the DBC in the monthly deal, nice looking nugs that are trimmed well and pretty decent bag appeal. But my main problem is that it wasn’t very strong, despite it tasting good in my vaporizer.

  4. kenmcd

    Great smoke. Got it in the monthly deal. Always order a mix & match ounce. I was a bit skeptical at first, had my share of organic living soil bud but this was probably one of the best ones. Living soil isn’t as potent as the other stuff out there but it’s gotta be healthier, 5 stars. Thanks cbp!

  5. atomicchild

    I found this one extremely particular & delightful. At a glance, it looks & smells nice, but might not stand out in a crowd. A few tokes in, the joint smoke is extremely inviting; smooth & subtly sweet. The high touches on deep euphoria, without being too heavy-handed. One of my favorites in recent years. I would love to see it restocked !

  6. Ben006 (verified owner)

    Very nice stuff, smells amazing and is very smooth. More of a chill high imo.

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