Gas Leak Honey Comb Budder

Each product comes with 1 gram of Gas Leak Honey Comb Budder.



Mystery Flower Add-On

What is Budder

With the cannabis industry expanding and evolving each year, it only makes sense that concentrates become more potent as well. Technology used to process weed concentrates become more advanced, too, making it easier for producers to make a name for themselves.

Cannabis concentrates come in many different forms, they all vary in consistency, colour and taste. Budder is a “solvent-based” THC concentrate, and considered as another type of Butane Hash Oil (BHO). In relation to shatter, budder is processed in the same method.

While shatter is also a form of BHO, budder differs from shatter in its overall appearence and consistency. The biggest diference between budder and shatter is the purging process. Budder wax is formed when the extracted cannabinoids start to solidify and become crystals, whereas shatter blasters don’t wait for the crystallization process.

How to Smoke Budder

How many ways are there to get high of budder? The possibilities are endless, but the easiest and most effective way is to use your water bong or a simple pipe. Use your fingers or a dabbing tool to scrape a chunk of budder and sprinkle it into your rig.

Don’t be scared of budder’s texture, as good budder should be easy to break. If you don’t have a bong or a pipe bowl, you can even grind your budder up and lace it with your joint.

Honey Comb Budder

Duke Nukem, Tropical Punch, Blue Dream


Tropical Punch, Blue Dream, Duke Nukem

2 reviews for Gas Leak Honey Comb Budder

  1. hannah2002smith

    Blue dream is okay, has an odd flavour at first. However I found it made me happy throughout the day, so I would definitely retry again soon.

  2. hannah2002smith

    Loved tropical punch. Got internet energizing effects from thus strain so I will definitely be reordering this very soon

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