High Voltage Extracts Sauce

THC % 56%
CBD % 3%




Mystery Flower Add-On

High Voltage Extracts are arguably Canada’s most renowned producers for HTFSE concentrate products. Based out of Vancouver Island, the company’s moderate size never stood in the way of their unparalleled extraction process. The experts at HVE are personally involved in each step of the production process for their live resin, terp sauce, vape cartridge and edible products. This allows them to give their stamp of approval on each batch. Consumers are also guaranteed to consistently receive potent and terpene-filled concentrates with every purchase.

If we were to give concentrates a grade like flowers, High Voltage products would belong on the top shelf, with our premium AAAA+ flowers. Not surprisingly, HVE concentrate products have won multiple awards at the Karma Cup 2019. The recognition of HVE products are a direct result of their refined extraction methods, as well as their use of premium ingredients. By using potent and properly grown cannabis, HVE’s live resin and sauce can hold the full terpene profile and cannabinoids of the strain-specific weed that are extracted.

Come see what the buzz is about with High Voltage Extracts!


Cheese Quake, Super Lemon Haze

1 review for High Voltage Extracts Sauce

  1. hannah2002smith

    Love this stuff. Put me right on my butt lmao

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