Jane's Low Dose THC Oil (750 MG THC)

Each Bottle Contains 750 mg THC

Directions: always start with a small portion (E.G. one drop) to determine your tolerance level.

Cannabinoid Content (whole package): 750 mg THC

Ingredients: grape seed oil and THC isolate

Each 1 ml dropper contains 25 mg of THC. Ask your medical practitioner and/or your dispensary if this product/strength is suitable for you.



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Mystery Flower Add-On

2 reviews for Jane’s Low Dose THC Oil (750 MG THC)

  1. DL (verified owner)

    First order came in leaking so it was replaced. Replacement, which I just opened, had LES THAN A QUARTER of the bottle filled. After paying for Xpress post, I won’t purchase from Cannabudpost again, unfortunately. Other orders were good but these last two? Enough to have me go elsewhere.

  2. DL (verified owner)

    Updating my last review as CBP made it right and went the extra mile! Going to try this one more time. CBP is exceptional at customer service!

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