Mystery Flower Add-On

Kief is the micro-sized, sticky crystals that mask the outer layer of cannabis flowers. Also commonly referred to as dry sift or pollen, because kief is produced by “sifting” cannabis or cannabis shake in an particular manner until the precious crystalline particles come off.

What makes each strain of cannabis unique in its own way is because of the kief component. Kief contains the cannabis flower’s resin glands. In these glands is where all the terpenes and cannabinoids are stored. Even if cannabis didn’t contain any kief, the flower component itself still contains canabinoids. However, kief’s cannabinoids are much more potent than those stored inside the flower itself.



Gram, Eighth (3.5 Grams), Quarter (7 Grams), Half (14 Grams), Oz (28 Grams)

5 reviews for Kief

  1. Argus1123 (verified owner)

    Great stuff. The value is incredible, and the bulk purchase is fantastic to spread out for months of knock-out power. In all my years, going overboard with this is the closest to impaired as I’ve ever been with grass. 1st few days with this on top of the regular, brought the amount I smoked down by half.

  2. mattd83 (verified owner)

    Very nice, great taste and smell . Perfect for adding to a joint/bowl to get an extra kick or it’s great on its own . With this deal you can’t go wrong.

  3. atomicchild (verified owner)

    A heavy hitting crystalline lightweight powder, which goes a long way, especially for the price. A light dusting (0.1 g / 0.2 g) on your joint will bring some hefty punch. Sprinkles quick & easy. I found the buzz to be warm & fuzzy.

  4. louis-philippe ste-marie (verified owner)

    let see if THIS honnest review will stay.. this KIEF IS NOT SOMETHING STRONG. I needed to smoke a lot more (x2) for having the same high as if I was smoking my budz. REALLY DISAPOINTED. Pretty expensive for what it can bring you.
    After that being said, I can suggest you this if you dont need something strong and you want to get high without smoking all that resine that comes with the budz flowers

  5. hannah2002smith

    It was not the most powerful hit when smoking this kief, however I did enjoy making some hash with it. I do however really prefer putting some on my joint at night for a bit more of a powerful high, and it works!! 🙂

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