Moby Dick (AAA)

Phenotype: Sativa
Grade: AAA
THC/CBD Content: 20%/ <0.1% (Grower Average)
Flavor: citrus, sweet, earthy
Effects: relaxed, happy, euphoric
Nug Size: SMALL (bud texture is more fluffy than dense)





Bred by Dinafem Seeds, Moby Dick is a strain that was made by crossing White Widow and Haze. Coming from an indica-dominant and a sativa parent, Moby Dick is praised for its ability to deliver a well-matched blend of cerebral and bodily buzz. Purple Moby Dick is a potent sativa strain, and has THC content that has been tested up to 21%. Users often report an early and strong head buzz after inhaling the tasty smoke from Purple Moby Dick. When properly cured and grown right, Moby Dick should have a sweet citrus aroma, with hints of a vanilla aftertaste upon exhaling.

Can treat:
  • stress
  • fatigue
  • depression
  • pain
  • lack of appetite

1 Gram, 3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams

4 reviews for Moby Dick (AAA)

  1. korynecro (verified owner)

    this is incredible, i love absolutely everything about this strain

  2. atomicchild

    This trusty herb has been my wake’n’bake staple every day for the past month.
    A wakeful blast of lemon-honey-citrus to kick the day’s projects in gear. Solid !

  3. GreenFire604 (verified owner)

    Ahoy me matey! We seem to have spotted the great giant whale Moby Dick. Take your hands off me booty and enjoy some of this sativa strain instead. The sweet citrus flavor will keep the scurvy at bay. It has a White Widow x Haze parentage and the delicious bag smell will pull you straight out of Davey Jones’s locker!

  4. hannah2002smith (verified owner)

    The strain is good, but I’m not entirely a fan of the taste. It’s a great high, but the taste for me, throws me off! Is a great strain in the end, and does its job!

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