Ms Nice Jelly Bite (500 MG THC)

Each pack contains a total of 500 mg of THC content

•  1 x 500 mg individual jelly bite

•  peach and strawberry flavours available 

Please note: as the weather gets hotter, your edible products may deform during transit due to the heat.




Mystery Flower Add-On

Ms Nice edibles are lab tested, hand crafted and gluten free. These tasty treats are guaranteed to deliver a consistent and potent high.

Ingredients: Organic MCT oil, sugar, corn syrup, non-gmo gelatine, citric acid, natural fruit flavours, colouring, potassium sorbate, carnauba wax

Medicinal Ingredient: Delta-9 THC concentrate

May contain vegetable food starch and corn starch


Peach, Strawberry

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