Ounce Steal - Pink Jet Fuel (Smalls)


This comes from the same grower as our AAA Pink Jet Fuel from last month, so the smoke quality and aroma is the same. The discount comes from the small nug size. The original AAA batch doesn’t have big nugs either, but it’s more dense and round, whereas the ounce steal version is smaller and more loose. Very similar to our Grease Monkey (AAA) strain.

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Mystery Flower Add-On


28 Grams

6 reviews for Ounce Steal – Pink Jet Fuel (Smalls)

  1. jaymaryfred (verified owner)

    Just got this today in mail. It’s good Pink Kush and at the price it’s a awesome deal. My first order from this Mom was this sour amnesia and Cherry ak, all from value deals and all are excellent and as described.. I was expecting less and am pleased with my order. I’ve been ordering value buds from all sorts of diff Moms for comparison. Quality is in top rank for the price with this co. Shipped super fast, I have no complaints. It’s nice to see the honest descriptions in the information of the flower. Makes me think the operator’s /owners are also lovers of the product. If I were to say anything negative it would be petty and not very important, but a nice touch many other Moms have done for my first order was freebies, even a pre roll and a welcome card or thank-you card , other co’s do it and it’s a nice touch that I enjoy/appreciate. but like i said not a biggie lol. And so here’s my only 1 real negative, is that the product is not packages very descretly, yes its in a white sealed bag but inside that is an unsealed box with the product in that which are in vac sealed bags but one side is see thru with a label on it saying what is is.. so if the white packing bag gets ripped and needs to be replaced by post, your order is now easily seen by whomever. Non discript vac bags that you cannot see thru in the off chance such a thing happens would be better. I prefer the way most other Moms packs their stuff for shipping. that said it wouldn’t stop me ordering again and I couldnt figure out where to post a general review lol…I’m stoned on their product and feeling great haha 🙂

  2. anarchy187 (verified owner)

    This stuff is legit. I sell legal Cannabis for a living, I smoke this stuff and have smoked the bud from CannaBudPost for a few months now.

    This PK is surprisingly moist and sticky at times given the cost, I would say it’s better than all legal Cannabis and I’d rate it a low AAA or easily an AA. It smells like black pepper which is a sign of higher caryophyllene which should result in a high that has a bit more pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties.

    Highly recommend.

  3. Ryan Ng (verified owner)

    yep everything @anarchy187 said. i hope they keep stocking stuff like this.

  4. jebusofthetoad (verified owner)

    Good for price.
    Makes great joints.

  5. sean.lomax (verified owner)

    Yes nugs are small, as they say, but this is great stuff. Good burn, solid snap off it.

  6. ds (verified owner)

    Small, dense nugs. Really well trimmed. Lots of pink, and it grinds up really nice.
    Has a faint gassy scent, pretty weak nose. Burns very smooth though, and has that spicy peppery flavor.
    Really potent body high! Locks me right into the chair and relieves pain well.
    5 stars, amazing value.

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