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Pink Rockstar 

Pink Rockstar is a hybrid cannabis strain with a predominant amount of indica. It has a high indica potency of 70% and a sativa potency of 30%. Pink Rockstar is the by-product of crossing the Pink Kush with Rockstar Kush.

Its catchy name is a tribute to its colorful appearance and the famous rockstar, Pink. The buds are of medium size. Each bud has many crystals and large calyxes. With mint green clumps, bright pink undertones, orange hairs, and a touch of pinkish-white crystal trichomes, it’s hard to miss. 

The consensus is that it has a sleepy effect. This strain has a high THC potency of 19-20%, and CBD is barely present at 0.04%. Pink Rockstar is the ideal strain for stoners who want a punch with their weed. 

This hybrid strain is common in the British Columbia region of Canada. Pink Rockstar can be grown indoors or outdoors. However, growers often recommend the ‘sea of green’ technique for indoor growing. 

This low-stress method involves growing a lot of small cannabis plants simultaneously under grow lights. SOG principle is clustering cannabis plants in a cramped space and forcing them into flowering early. Hence, they need only grow half their size to develop buds. With this method, you can harvest in 6 weeks. 

Pink Rockstar’s Aroma

All plants, including cannabis, owe their profile to terpenes. The Pink Rockstar has an enveloping spicy diesel overtone smell. If you pay close attention as you pull it apart, you will notice it hits you with a scent akin to fresh sweet wood and spicy flowers. On burning, the spicy diesel overtone becomes pungent. You can also get whiffs of earthy pine.

Pink Rockstar’s Flavor Profile

Again, the terpene profile comes into play. This strain has a complex flavor. It tastes almost as it smells. Pink Rockstar is a blend of flowery sweet, and spicy notes. You may also taste some earthy and woody accents. Its flavor is on the light side and isn’t overwhelming. 

Pink Rockstar’s Appearance

It has densely packed buds. These buds are mint green in color. They are visually appealing with bright pink undertones. Each bud has several orange hairs and a layer of pinkish-white crystal trichomes. 

Common Usage

There are many medical benefits of the Pink Rockstar. It helps in the management of chronic pain and inflammation. It helps relieve tremors and muscle spasms. Insomniacs also use this strain to manage their condition and sleep better. 

People with mild to moderate depression, stress, anxiety, and PTSD use Pink Rockstar to alleviate their symptoms.

Medicinal Effects

This strain has an immediate effect on the body. Taking this will leave you feeling incredibly relaxed as it melts away knots in your muscles.  You are very likely to fall asleep a short while after having it. You will notice feelings of calmness, euphoria, and uplift. We recommend it for nighttime use.

One of the downsides is a possible couch lock. Despite the many benefits, be careful not to consume too much as that could lead to more negative effects. Also, note that your dose should be lower if you’re doing edibles instead of smoking. 


3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams

3 reviews for Pink Rockstar (AAA+)

  1. GreenFire604 (verified owner)

    Got my hands on some Pink Rockstar, indica dominant hybrid strain with celebrity parentage- Pink kush x Rockstar Kush. Some great smoke and anticipation after a two day tolerance break. Sweet pine and rose aroma and taste. Juicy minty green buds with orange hairs. Delicious!

  2. hannah2002smith (verified owner)

    This strain was pretty good. Smooth throat it, and pretty good smell and taste. Definitely enjoyed smoking this fkr the uplifted effect

  3. Dang.yel

    Ordered this three times now, still love smoking it. Perfect if you like earthy pungent indicas

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