Red Congolese (AA)

Phenotype: Sativa
Grade: AA
THC/CBD Content: 23%/ <0.1% (Grower Average)
Flavor: earthy, citrus, sweet
Effects: focused, creative, happy
Medicinal properties: anxiety, tension, chronic stress, inflammation



Mystery Flower Add-On

Arguably Red Congolese is probably one of the most popular sativa strains of the century. This cup-winning strain was bred by a triple cross between Congolese, Mexican Sativa, and Afghani. Red Congo delivers a high that represents what a sativa weed is all about. Smoking Red Congo won’t make you feel hazy. Instead, you’ll experience a heightened sense of awareness, and a boost in your ability to focus. Red Congo’s THC level has been tested at as high as 20%, which is relatively high for a sativa strain. Besides being the perfect weed for your wake and bake ritual, Red Congo comes with a few benefits for medicinal users. In particular, Red Congo does an awesome job at treating muscle tension, anxiety disorders, and fatigue.


3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams

4 reviews for Red Congolese (AA)

  1. leann.meifoon (verified owner)

    The perfect sativa! This is a great strain for those who typically opt away from sativas due to side effects like headache and paranoia. It’s energetic, makes me chipper but at the cost of zero anxiety and without costing strength. It’s almost spooky how calm it is

  2. hannah2002smith

    Love this strain, such a great feeling whenni smoke this

  3. hannah2002smith

    Super smooth burn and love the packaging

  4. Kai Steeves (verified owner)

    Used this to make a great tincture. Leaves me calm, reduces my pain, and gives me energy to get things done. Definitely a great one for day use.

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