Sativa Bunnies (140mg THC) by Mary's

Westcoast Teddies by Mary’s Medibles are made in a licensed food safe facility and contains lab tested, pharmaceutical grade medical marijuana.

Extreme Strength:

Cannabinoid content (whole pkg): THC: 140 mg | CBD: 1.35 mg | CBN: 1.32 mg



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1 review for Sativa Bunnies (140mg THC) by Mary’s

  1. Gabrielle Camirand

    These are amazing. I’ve never come across a gummy so potent and so well made. These are indistinguishable from actual penny candies, n terms of the actual candy quality. The bunnies are perfectly formed, no rough edges. Pleasant candy taste with a noticeable THC spice kick. And potent! Man are these potent. I ordered 2 packs and after trying them immediately ordered 4 more, along with 4 of the “Indica Bears”. Looking forward to buying more as soon as they restock.

    NOTE: I wrote this review for the “extreme strength” 300 MG version of these, but I just realized it was meant for these 140 mg Sativa Bunnies. I can’t believe how strong these things are. I genuinely thought they must have been the extreme strength version because they were so strong. These things are no joke, unlike so many gummies I have tried

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