Shake (Sativa)

  • AAA Grade
  • Sativa Shake
  • Each order comes with 28 Grams


Mystery Flower Add-On

4 reviews for Shake (Sativa)

  1. SPOR69 (verified owner)

    Was quite surprised! ANOTHER quality product from CBP!

  2. Gabrielle Camirand (verified owner)

    Quality shake. I’d rather smoke this than some of the “kief” I’ve ordered from other MOMs. Works great for edibles, not too grassy tasting.

  3. macdonaldt61 (verified owner)

    Good shake worth adding to your order

  4. anarchy187 (verified owner)

    There is a lot of leaves and stem, more of a mix of shake & trim but this shake makes up for that by having fairly substantial pieces of bud throughout. I sifted through it quickly and in the ounce found about 4 – 5 grams of smokable bud and if I sifted this I bet I’d get a bunch of kief out of it.

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