Sour Scout Shatter by Faded Extracts

Sour Scout was ingeniously developed by crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Sour Diesel. As a hybrid strain, Sour Scout got the best of both worlds. Thanks to its GSC lineage, Sour Scout provides users with powerfully sedative effects when used in higher amounts. In lower doses, users report sativa-like effects, such as feelings of enhanced energy and mood.

Effects: relaxed, creative, euphoric
Taste: diesel, skunk, sweet
Weight: 1 Gram

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1 review for Sour Scout Shatter by Faded Extracts

  1. hannah2002smith

    Enjoyed this strain. The taste was a bit off for the first dab or two, however after smoking it for a couple days it was a very enjoyable taste and high. Just takes a couple days to get use to the taste. The almost instant relaxation effects are amazing! Wish this was in stock 🙁

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