Sour Tahoe (AA+)

Phenotype: Hybrid (Indica-Dominant)
Grade: AA+
THC/CBD Content: 17-20%/ 0% (Grower Average)
Flavor: fruity, pine, and earthy
Effects: relaxed, sleepy, and happy
Medicinal Properties: stress, pain, headaches and insomnia



There isn’t too much information on the genetics of Sour Tahoe, but this strain bears close resemblance to the Tahoe OG strain. Sour Tahoe has all the indica effects like Tahoe OG, but it adds a sativa-like twist to the experience. Besides the euphoric body high you would typically get from an indica strain, Sour Tahoe’s high comes with an euphoric and uplifting head high. Sour Tahoe also adds a fruity aroma to the Tahoe OG mix, as users often describe it’s nose as citrusy in nature. As an indica dominant hybrid, Sour Tahoe won’t have the same knock out effects as Tahoe OG, making it an enjoyable strain during all hours of the day.




3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams


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