Tailor-Made Quarter Pound Mix & Match

Introducing the market’s most flexible, customizable and personalized mix and match quarter pound bundle. Like our classic AAA quarter-pound bundle, the base price for this package will be $460.

Choose topshelf quad’s for an extra fee, or choose AA strains (with exceptions) for a reduced fee!

Bulk bundles offer 30% points.

Please look up each strain’s product page for more info (some contain disclaimers).


  • Options Price: $0.00
  • Product Price: $460.00
  • Total: $0.00

Please note: this product offers 30% reward points

7 reviews for Tailor-Made Quarter Pound Mix & Match

  1. BMan (verified owner)

    Poontang Pie, Blackberry Kush and Tropicana Cookies. All great product, and for great prices. Was able to bump the price down $55 with the lower grade options, and still amazing bud. Don’t need anything better.
    Only complaint is that my entire order came in 7g bags. I received 16 7g bags which is quite inconvenient for me.

  2. Gabrielle Camirand (verified owner)

    The best price for quality I have found anywhere. So far I’ve ordered Pink Kush, Exodus Cheese, Chocolope, Purple Alien Cookies, Romulan, Kushberry, Ghost Train Haze, and Northern Lights. They were all rated AAA-AAA+ except for the Pink, which carried a AAAA rating.

    All were solid buys, fantastic value. This is not “budget weed” by any stretch. It’s rated properly, for instance the Exodus Cheese would be a straight up quad if it weren’t for a slightly underwhelming smell. The bag appeal and potency is as high as it can get. Similarly, the Romulan was incredibly smelly in a way which you either loved or hated, which is exactly how Romulan should smell but that “love it or hate it” edge kept it at a respectable AAA+ rating and not a true quad.

    Bottom line you can TRUST the letter grades on this site! I wouldn’t say the same for any other MOM I’ve ordered from, and I’ve ordered from a few. I can also say with confidence that you are getting what you actually order from these guys. You will notice that they carry a lot of “seedbank” strains and not as many “clone only’s” — the old school menu is very cool and honest, since most of the newer clone only strains are built out of the old seedbank strains anyways.

    Bottom line, these guys are super legit.

  3. EthosNWT (verified owner)

    First time ordering from CBP and I rolled the dice, and I ordered this. My first order was 2x Blueberry, Cookies N Cream, Ice Cream Docia. They gave me a free 1/8th of Purple Alien Cookies for my first order (and for the mixed up but that was resolve quick!). And my package came in a week or less! 🙂

  4. jordan.k340 (verified owner)

    Second time getting this deal

    Last time was stellar!
    UBC Chemo – strong , harsh , least fav (not worth extra price)
    Pink Gorilla Glue – Amazing buds, great smoke (well worth extra price)
    Cali bubba – great daytime smoke
    pink kush – good bag appeal, but was lacking taste

  5. Braxton Ward (verified owner)

    So much versatility in the kinds and no matter what i always find ones i come back to constantly. Blue Mataro, Cali Bubba, and Master Kush are my by far favorites.

  6. xcablex66 (verified owner)

    Multiple orders so far with no disappointment!

  7. Matt Rahikka

    First order! Everything looks proper impressed so far

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