Temple Hash Balls

Only 28 Gram orders come in a full ball size. 14 Gram orders will come in a half ball, so it’ll be missing half of the stamp in the product photo.



Mystery Flower Add-On

Charas Temple Hash Balls

The history of Temple Balls hashish dates back centuries, with its cultivators originating from Nepal and its surrounding regions. Charas Temple Hash Balls are truly hand crafted, which often requires more than 15 hours of back breaking labour (that’s not including the weeks of time needed for the curing process). The vast amount of effort that’s put into the making of this product pays off in the end. Temple Balls hashish are known for their smoothness and delightful flavours. But more importantly, this concentrate is revered for its potent high. Besides its psychoactive experience, Temple Hash Balls have also been known to contain traces of CBD.

How are Charas Temple Hash Balls Made?

Charas, also known as “hand rolled resin,” is a lost form of art that’s going through a 21st century revival. Historians believe the charas hashish method is most original method of cannabis extraction, which appeared not long after humans started using cannabis for pleasure. This thousand year old craft differs from more recent hashish making methods because it uses fresh flowers instead of dead or cured weed. 

This hash was originally made by rubbing fresh cannabis in one’s hands back and forth. The friction from this process helps the THC oil come out from the bud, and the live resin will slowly collect in the person’s hands. Once the plant matter is taken away, the only thing left is the psychoactive and potent THC resin. While this process is mostly carried out with high tech machinery these days, the ancient hand craft is still practiced in parts of South Asia (for example, Nepal and parts of India). This careful hand collection process maintains a minimum of 50-80% THC level in the resulting hash product.

What are The Different Ways to Smoke Hash?

Historically, Charas hash were smoked with chillum pipes, which were made out of soft stone or clay. So called “chillum,” because these pipes had a chillum stone that acted as a filter that stopped any debris from entering your lungs while you inhale. We don’t expect everyone to own a chillum pipe, so a more common way to smoke Charas hash is to break off bits of it and mix it in a joint or a spliff (a joint mixed with tobacco and marijuana).

Adding hash into a spliff will give you a more intense high, and we recommend this method for veteran smokers. You can also smoke your Charas hash in a water pipe or bong, In our experience, a water pipe complements hash nicely, and can fully bring out the concentrate’s flavour profile. Dabbing hash is also commonly done — a glass banger or e-nail will perform well. We do not recommend using a vape, as electronic vapes have a lower heating temperature, and these devices often will not bring out the full spectrum of effects that hashish has to offer.


14 Grams, 28 Grams


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