Sour Swirls (140 MG THC Indica) by Mary's Medibles

Westcoast Teddies by Mary’s Medibles are made in a licensed food safe facility and contains lab tested, pharmaceutical grade medical marijuana.

Triple Strength:

Cannabinoid content (whole pkg):

140mg THC (Indica) 1.36 CBD 1.35 CBN


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3 reviews for Sour Swirls (140 MG THC Indica) by Mary’s Medibles

  1. Rebecca Wilson (verified owner)

    Always pleased with these! Taste is good and always get super nice buzz ☺️
    One of my fav gummy’s For sure

  2. Gabrielle Camirand (verified owner)

    Three stars for these ones because they’re awesome quality if they arrive in shape but my last four packs were totally melted. So between five and one stars.

  3. stub-fub (verified owner)

    Made the mistake of taking a whole gummie before trying half first. Super super high. these guys are no joke.

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