West Coast Teddies (300 MG) by Mary's - INDICA

Westcoast Teddies by Mary’s Medibles are made in a licensed food safe facility and contains lab tested, pharmaceutical grade medical marijuana.

Extreme Strength:

Cannabinoid content (whole pkg): THC: 300 mg | CBD: 7.42 mg | CBN: 7.36 mg



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4 reviews for West Coast Teddies (300 MG) by Mary’s – INDICA

  1. Timothy_JONEz

    Why did I eat two more after not feeling the first 2….

  2. Joshua Dunham (verified owner)

    These hit HARD

  3. pjmuker (verified owner)

    These work great. I hardly feel anything off of most edibles around 20-40mg but these do the job well! I got fried each time and I usually eat 2 candies. They taste pretty damn good too. Definitely recommend but only for experienced users.

  4. alexcharter1997 (verified owner)

    Just got my order today and super happy with the product! Will buy again

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