Sativa Bunnys - 500 MG - Mary's Medibles

Each pack contains a total of 500 mg of THC content

•  5 x 100 mg individual candies

• 2.45 mg CBD per candy 

Please note: as the weather gets hotter, your edible products may deform during transit due to the heat.



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Mystery Flower Add-On

Mary’s Medibles are proud to call themselves Canada’s pioneer in small batch production of medicated edibles. Using state of the art extraction methods, the handcraft edible experts at Mary’s are able to consistently deliver quality products. All batches are not only lab tested, but also patient approved.

The ingredients include: glucose, sugar, gelatin, sativa cannabis, citric acid, as well as flavouring and colouring agents.

THC 500 MG Total | CBD 12.27 MG Total


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